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International women's day 2024

This IWD we wanted to shine a light on some of the amazing women in our running community, nominated by you. We asked you to nominate your runtheworldMCR besties, the girls who inspire, encourage and motivate you. Make you feel included and bring out the best version of yourselves. 

“Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all #InspireInclusion Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness about discrimination. Take action to drive gender parity. IWD belongs to everyone, everywhere. Inclusion means all IWD action is valid” - internationalwomensday

This was going to be an instagram post but after so many amazing nominations only a blog post would fit you all on. Here is what you said about each other - we’re not crying you are.

Becky & Lydia

Where it all began, the friendship that has enabled so many more of you to find your running besties which was always one of our main goals when creating our female running group.

  • Rose - Lydia & Becky - you are two of the best, supportive, kind & motivational women I've ever met.

  • Jess - I want to nominate you both. You have created the most amazing, positive and inspiring community. Thank you for being so welcoming, encouraging and supportive

  • Fran - OBV Becky and Lydia! You guys are just the best for everything you do! Ta!

  • Helen - Becky W & Lydia - thank you for your support and all you do to make the best girl gang

  • Eloise - Becky and Lydia for creating an AMAZING community - you are appreciated by so, so many!

  • Nicole - Thank you for all that you do! Everyone at RTW appreciates you. 

  • Jane - a huge thank you to Becky and Lydia for putting in so much time, energy and dedication to making a wonderful community so many of us couldn’t be without! Having had a glimpse of the hard work that’s done behind the scenes, I appreciate the hard work that’s put into the group even more.

runtheworldMCR run leaders

(Photo - Lucy, Rose, Emily, Becky G, Becky W, Ashleigh, Hayley, Lydia)

Where would we be without our amazing run leaders Lucy, Rose, Emily, Becky G, Hayley, Kelly, Vic H & Martha. Thank you for planning our runs each week, supporting everyone and always keeping the girls safe. We all appreciate you all so much and receive lovely feedback about you all regularly, you're the best and make runtheworldMCR what it is! Of course our lovely leaders had girls they wanted to thank and other girls wanted to thank them.

  • Rose - Vic - you've always got a smile and so much positivity for everyone ️

  • Rose - All the women who have supported my research & spoken to journalists, you're all amazing  Rose

  • Martha - Em Scott - we always have a big natter on our runs and I love it! 

  • Martha - Becca P who’s absolutely smashing her HM training and got a 10k PB on Tues!  

  • Eloise - Emily Scott for being so inspiring, encouraging and friendly every time I see her!

  • Rose - Amber - you always push yourself and are always so kind and friendly to everyone  

Hayley & Vik

We absolutely love the friendship Hayley (one of our run leaders) and Vik have forged and they always provide so much encouragement to the rest of our runtheworldMCR gang. 

Hayley - I’d like to nominate Vicky Hilton please! She’s genuinely such a lovely person inside and out, always pushing me in my runs and provide the best chat. I’ve formed such a lovely friendship with Vicky and wouldn’t have made that friendship without this group.

Vic Haworth

One of our runtheworldMCR OGs, amazing run leader and all round top gal!! We miss you Vik, looking forward to you getting back from your travels later in the year and running with us again.

  • Lucy - My international woman is Victoria, she is literally an international woman at the moment but I am very much looking forward to having my running buddy back! What a great friend I have made!!

  • Hannah - Victoria! An OG run the worlder, can’t wait for her to get back from traveling for run chats

Jess & Cheryl

If you haven't completed a run in matching Christmas tree outfits are you even running besties?

Jess - can I nominate Cheryl for your international women’s day appreciation. I first met Cheryl at a different run club, she ended up joining RTW and encouraged me to come too. There’s been so many times where I’ve been struggling and she has helped me finish a run - I would like to thank her for this. It’s also really lovely to meet someone through running and become good friends.

runtheworldMUMs (class of 2023)

(A few of the mum gang, Hannah, Emma, Jeni, Kerry, Alana (coach), Becky, Sophie, Jane, Darel, Jess (coach), Lucy)

Where would we be without our Mum gang, a ready made mat leave group which have been there to encourage and support each other since we first found out we were all pregnant together! I’m personally so grateful to all of these girls and the other Mums we’ve met at classes and encouraged (not dragged along...) to runtheworldMCR, expanding our mum group even more. We’ve literally had the best time off together and watching everyone get back into their running has been inspiring, so proud of you all. We hope we inspire a class of 2024 to create their own mum gang, if you're expecting let us know and we'll connect you all.

  • Jane - Attending Runtheworld was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve met so many wonderful ladies at the club and lots have become great friends.

  • Sophie - Run the World mum crew! The best group of motivated, supportive and friendly women.

  • Kerry - The mum gang who have supported me through running & motherhood

  • Sophie - Rosie did her first 4 mile run with us on Tuesday. Always great to chat to

  • Fran - Jane- she has been so amazing and supportive since day 1 I started

Claire & Nicole

Part of our C25K cohort 1 group, Nicole and Claire have become firm friends and still regularly run together outside of Tuesday night run club.

  • Nicole - Claire for being my running buddy. I'm grateful to have met her through RTW.

  • Jess Law - Nicole and Claire for getting back into running this week after a little break away from running.

Alice & Rebecca

Alice - I’d like to nominate Rebecca Hutchinson. Each week Rebecca encourages and motivates me when sometimes I don’t feel like running after a long day at work. Each time I attend RuntheWorld, I feel really pleased that I’ve gone and I feel so much better afterwards - that’s down to Rebecca for always being there for a good natter whilst we run. I started RunTheWorld in the C25K cohort in September and each week I run at least 5K with the RunTheWorld girlies ❤️

Jodie & Lynne

I nominate the lovely Lynne because she is more than a running buddy, she is a buddy who came into my life via running & who is there any day of the week, not just a Tuesday. Thank you runtheworldMCR for giving me a friend for life.

Amy, Sam & Caroline

Caroline - please can I nominate Amy and Sam for introducing me to RTW last year and making it my most favourite year of running because of this. They’re regularly checking in on me as I’ve got a knee injury and can’t run. Can’t to be back with you all on Tuesdays when I’m fixed!! Miss you all xxx

Eloise, Fran & Jules

These three amazing ladies all voted for each other and we're not surprised. Fran sends us lovely feedback about ladies from our group each week and she's always one of the first to send messages of encouragement in the groups whatsapps and we appreciate her sunshine personality so much. Thanks for bringing so much positivity Fran, Eloise and Jules.

  • Fran - Eloise, I know she’s my bestie but she really had been my rock

  • Eloise - Fran for ALWAYS encouraging others, ALWAYS positive and SMASHING her running journey

  • Fran - Jules- started on C25k C2 and messages me every time I run

  • Eloise - Jules for putting herself out of her comfort zone by joining the C25K (and smashing it!)

  • Jules - would like to nominate Fran & Carly for all their support

The nominations kept coming

  • Fran - Natalie - from c25k c1, so lovely, motivating and supporting for my long runs 

  • Jess - Jenny who is absolutely smashing her 10k training plan! Thank you for becoming my running buddy, keeping me accountable, encouraging me and providing great run chats x

  • Jess - I want to nominate Lauren. I want to thank her for becoming my running buddy as she encourages me to push myself each Tuesday and also provides great run chats which makes the runs so much more enjoyable x

  • Jade - Becky & Saffron

  • Josephine - I'd like to nominate 2 gals I really appreciate and look forward to seeing at RTW;

    • Victoria R for always checking in with me when we end up on the same run together. Remembering what goals / PB attempts I've set and asking how they went even if it's been a while since we last ran together.

    • Natasha for her gritted determination and positivity. She's had so many injury setbacks but she's still there week in week out getting it done.

Happy IWD 2024 to all of our amazing girl gang.

Becky & Lydia Xx


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