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About us

Hi! We're Lydia and Becky and we met in 2020 at a local running club. Just by luck, it turned out that we live round the corner from each other so when lockdown hit a few weeks later, we were regularly going for our rationed daily exercise together. Fast forward to now, we're the best of friends, have run countless miles together and are each others biggest cheerleaders. It was on a run where we first thought of the idea to create a women's running group in our local area of Salford.  Addressing the barriers to physical activity for women is important to us. runtheworldMCR is founded on friendship and we aim to provide a supportive, friendly community where women can feel safe, confident and build friendships. It doesn't matter how fast or slow you are - no one is ever left behind and we are all there to support one and other. So far we have met over 200 amazing women, all with their own stories, our girls are what makes runtheworldMCR so special and we hope you'll be one of them!


Meet Lydia

Hi! I'm Lydia. I was the girl at school who always tried her best but never quite made the team, through this, I grew up thinking I was no good at sport and that exercise wasn't really for me. I first got in to running in my final year of University when me and my housemate decided to run Manchester 10k. I dreaded every run during our training but thanks to Maisie I completed the race! After I'd graduated, I decided to join a running club as a way to meet new people and over time I slowly fell in love with running. 


Running has opened doors to so many amazing places, experiences and people but most importantly its taught me I can do tough things and I'm so much stronger than I think. 


When I'm not running you'll find me reading, drinking tea and eating cake - probably all at once. 

Meet Becky

I'm Becky, I've always loved sports and being active! I was the girl at school who actually looked forward to doing cross country and PE. Being part of the school sports teams including running and I've always been competitive with myself. 


I stopped running for a few years after school but got back into it in my twenties and finally plucked up the courage to join a running group in 2019.


I love the power exercise has on your mind and body and I definitely rely on it to keep me feeling happy! Running has helped me explore new areas, make new friends and get outside in all weathers. I really hope you get as much enjoyment out of running as I have, it's about so much more than just keeping fit!

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