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runtheworldMCR’s inaugural summer sports day!

Our usual Tuesday run was slightly different this week – our summer party called for our first runtheworldMCR sports day!

Teams were assembled, fighting talk was shared and 60 women descended on our local sports field for some friendly competition. After essential team photo shoots, the games began.

First was the relay race with some absolutely incredible sprinting (we want to see this effort at our upcoming track sessions ladies!). This was closely fought race by the pink and the green team but was won by the pinks (you’ll note this becomes a theme throughout the night!).

Next up was the egg and spoon race. Some very light eggs and some gusts of wind made this one surprisingly challenging and our competitors slowed to a steady walk guarding their eggs carefully!

Our third race was a classic sports day event – the wheelbarrow race. We had no idea adult legs were so heavy and it certainly felt easier when we were in school!

Our final race was the three legged race, we had a couple of trips but thankfully no injuries – great team work from our girls!

As we concluded the games, we announced our winners.

1. Pink team – our Duracell bunnies! They won every race and had an amazing positive attitude!

2. Green team – they were constantly applying pressure on the pink team and gave it all they had!

3. Orange team – the oranges were steady throughout, proving to be diligent and determined!

4. Blue and red team – there were some successes for both of these teams with some great team work on display but on the night they just couldn’t compete!

Whilst there were winners, we definitely think it was the taking part that counted, with our women connecting and having fun – a key value for runtheworldMCR.

We finished off our evening in the only way we know how – FOOD AND CAKE! Thank you to Monton Sports Club for taking such great care of us with the venue and delicious catering.

We were also delighted to be able to run a raffle of amazing gifts – thank you to all of our donors.

- £10 Cup and Crumb Voucher

- A main course at the Waterside

- A pair of lululemon shorts

- A 5 class pass with Transcend Studio

- A Reformer Pilates class

- A gift set from Treff Cookies – gluten free and vegan!

Huge thank you to our photographer Tom Scott - @tomscottphotography


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