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C25k Cohort 1 - complete!!

On the 5th September we were joined by over 20 women, ready to take on their couch to 5k challenge, each with their own motivations for joining from having a baby to being a total newbie to running. We knew one of the most important things was to instil confidence in each one of them. All the women were very capable, they just needed the support and encouragement from a friendly group of like minded women to help them stick to a regular run schedule. We loved the support our runtheworldMCR girls gave to the group, offering to lead and tail our runs to ensure the girls had plenty of support on Tuesday’s from our community.

C25K has been something we’ve wanted to offer at runtheworldMCR for a while as we knew there was demand but until I was in the same position of needing to start C25K to get back into running myself after having baby Ruby, it wasn’t something we’d had capacity to offer. We couldn’t believe the response we had and how many new faces we met from starting the programme.

Now 6 weeks later over 75% of the girls completed the courses, each gaining confidence in not just their running ability but in themselves and we hope they now have the self belief that they can do hard things!

On Saturday 14th October we held our Parkrun graduation at Peel Park, we absolutely loved seeing the support from the girls friends, family and runtheworldMCR girl gang. We’re really proud of you all for completing the course and hope you’ll continue to be regular runtheworld'ers and Parkrun will now be part of your Saturday morning routine (always worth it for the post run coffee and treats!).

We’re always looking to improve what we’re doing and make sure it’s a run club led by our members so we asked for anonymous feedback and these are some of the messages we received.

"Thought you both (and the support runners) were absolutely amazing, friendly, supportive and very encouraging! Really appreciate all the hard work and support that went into it. Definitely think there is a want for this as people are worried just joining a running club even though everyone is lush!"

"It was really well organised, well structured with lots of support from all the run leaders, it's a great way to build running confidence for all backgrounds and was lovely to meet new people too"

We’ve absolutely loved supporting more women find their love of running and we’ll be looking to launch our next C25K programme in January so please spread the word and look out for more details nearer the time.

Becky & Lydia xx


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